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Gucci Women's YA112511 Twirl Small Steel Bangle Diamond Case Watch

AmazonAn eye-catching accessory for your wrist, the Gucci Women's Twirl Steel Bangle Diamond Case Watch offers a stylish timepiece to suit your modern lifestyle. Made from polished stainless steel, the watch band doubles as an elegant bangle. The band is engraved with a background pattern of the iconic double "G" logo. It fastens securely with a hidden jewelry clasp while the stainless steel bezel is inset into the band. These elements help maintain the sleek, bangle-like look of the watch. The bezel is inset with 34 diamonds as a dazzling detail. In the middle of the band, the round white dial displays silver-toned hour and minute hands. The petite dial can rotate around its axis to go from timepiece to sleek bangle for a unique touch that sets the Gucci Twirl series apart. The dial is protected by an antireflective, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. This fashionable watch features Swiss quartz movement and is water-resistant to 99 feet (30 meters). All diamonds used by Gucci are round brilliant with 57 facets, VVS clarity, F to G color and variable caret weight depending on the model. All diamonds are handled in accordance with the provision of the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme.The Gucci Twirl CollectionThe Twirl Collection is a statement of Gucci’s style and practical luxury. The bangle is available in stainless steel or black PVD finish intricately engraved with the GG signature, or in acetate decorated with Gucci’s unmistakable striped webbing motif. To complement the line, this model is available in stylish interpretations sporting Gucci’s traditional GG canvas in beige/ebony or white. The variety of colors and materials in the Twirl Collection serves to underscore the versatility of this singular watch.